Smart Council is an online framework for the development of Apps for iOS and Android devices.

Smart Council has been designed with Councils, Shires or Community Service Providers in mind, but you can utilise it in many ways. (See our Features page).

Completed solutions can be distributed as restricted-access “Enterprise Apps” or via Apple’s App Store or Google Play.


Why use Smart Council?

Digital devices are rapidly changing the way modern organisations engage with their customers and stakeholders. There is lots of exciting development in the world of “digital transformation” but some of the other solutions just aren’t that innovative.

We set out with 4 simple objectives – let’s make a form system that:

  1. Looks great! (We want our forms to tell a story and be accessible to all sorts of users.)
  2. Utilise the power of apps and app technologies! (We want to ensure our forms harness the opportunities that apps enable photo capture, audio capture, gps logging, multi-lingual, signatures etc!) 
  3. Doesn’t require a complete reinvention of existing system architecture.  (We don’t want to sell you a whole new system and lock you into a complicated contract.) 
  4. Allows the user to control where they push their data.
Simple but powerful.
  • Align a job or workflow to an intuitive digital interface.
  • Create recurring tasks and processes that populate reports or create notifications.

A significantly portion of Smart Council’s popularity has been due to ease by which it converts paper forms to digital forms.

  • Smart Council is light-weight and can be easily customised.
  • Smart Council is built upon industry leading technologies. This means faster and more cost-effective implementation.
Security Conscious.
  • Smart Council is intended for deployment as a standalone framework. You can maintain control of where your data is stored.
  • Integrating into existing IT infrastructure is possible (if you so choose) but is not required out-of-the-box. This allows you to make an intelligent security assessment based on the needs of your application.
  • If you choose to utilise our SAAS Solution and modules, we are presently using Australian Based Cloud Servers for data storage.
  • Smart Council has a dedicated team of developers and staff ready to assist you with any support requests you may have.
  • Smart Council comes with online resources and how-tos.
  • Use a range of basic templates to setup your app as you want it – or get a custom form designed if you need to.
  • We are constantly adding new form-input styles to Smart Council and would be happy to take any suggestions 🙂
  • Alternatively, you can modify and develop Smart Council as you like.